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Just trying to make the most of this transient experience we call life ✨

From Design Systems to Dust. Components to Compost. Software to Soil and Seeds.

A newly planted tree in the desert, growing new green leaves as the sun sets upon the golden horizon.
The tree of survival and resourcefulness. Photo by Margaret.

Part 3 in the Flow The Desert series. (Part 1, Part 2)

A vision for this place has mapped itself out it my mind, over and over again — as though it were a painting, or a recurring dream.

In the center of it all is a tree — one of my favorites, the California Sycamore. This tree has ties to my favorite beach: a small off-shoot across from Sycamore Canyon, just outside of Los Angeles, where sun-kissed driftwood from ancient sycamores are scattered in the sand.

Natives to this region use the tree’s leaves to wrap food for cooking.

I just bought 10 acres of land in the Los Angeles desert. Here’s why.

Somewhere in Hi Vista, Los Angeles, CA.

Part 2 in the Flow The Desert series. (Part 1)

There’s a beautiful story in the Mahabharata, one of the world’s oldest epic poems, about the desert. A band of brothers were “gifted” a swath of wasteland to rule over, in exchange for giving up their rightful claim to their father’s kingdom. With a little help from the divine, the brothers made their patch of desert into a thriving oasis, which later became a prosperous city.

It took me a long time to find this property.

You’d think that desert acreage comes cheap — and for the most part, it…

This past month, I’ve been honored to craft lovely letters, stories, poems, & words for some incredible individuals.

I’m highlighting a few of those gifts on Substack every Wednesday.

Today’s feature is a Custom Typewriter Poem called “Irrigation.”

Several years ago, I attended the Canoga Park Art Walk with my cardboard Free Poetry sign & a lawn chair. It was full of other Valley creatives — mainly painters, graffiti artists, & bands — which I loved as the Valley often gets a lot of disdain from non-natives moving in to the “cooler” parts of LA.

I attended regularly as a…

This past month, I’ve been honored to craft lovely letters, stories, poems, & words for some incredible individuals.

I’m highlighting a few of those gifts on Substack every Wednesday.

Today’s feature is a wonderful note crafted by my friend, Maggie. She’s an insightful, compassionate, & creative woman I met many moons ago while passing through Philadelphia in 2014. She caught a beautiful moment on camera while I was typing Free Poetry for people in Rittenhouse Square; the picture she took was part of her photography exhibit weeks later, alongside many other amazing street portraits she had taken throughout the season.

Create a simple, multi-page website that watches your CSS changes & refreshes your app, accordingly.

Updated July 2021

Building a simple website using React is possible with the help of TailwindCSS, PostCSS, and React Router. I’ve updated this tutorial with notes and code changes regarding different npm packages.

This tutorial is great for developers who are already familiar with Node.js and npm. If you are not, I recommend installing the “Required” list below and reading through the Node and npm docs.


  • Node: 8.11.3+
  • npm: 6.12.1+
  • npx: 7.19.1+
  • create-react-app: 7.19.1+

Part One: Getting Started

1. Initialize your React app using `create-react-app`:

$ npx create-react-app react-tailwind-site

If you do not have create-react-app installed, npx will ask to install it for you.

2. Let’s start it up!

$ cd react-tailwind-site ; npm start // Linux
$ cd react-tailwind-site…

Photo from pexels.

Looking back at all the different projects I’ve worked on throughout the years, there’s always one thing I wish I did more of:


To kick-off Flow The Desert, I’m publicly writing, taking notes, and reflecting as I go along — something I don’t like doing, because I’m afraid of what it means to work openly in public.

What Is Flow The Desert?

Flow The Desert is a pipe dream I recently caught hold of.

I left my hometown of Los Angeles several years ago to travel with my typewriter and give #FreePoetry away to strangers. On the surface, I wanted to see if I…

Photo by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson

Everything has its intricate beginning.

Everything except for birth.

When people ask me how many weeks I am, I tell them two answers:

“Eighteen from conception. The medical industry wants me to say twenty.”

We are trained to be unsure of our own conceptions, to leave it in the hands of a profitable industry. It is an example of some other force authoring a contrived and safe narrative for our bodies, like a script that is assigned to us — one we had no hand in writing. I fight back against this conditioning in small ways, like giving different dates…

Today, Salesforce announced the launch of its newest feature, Salesforce CMS. The app is structured so that users don’t need deep technical developer knowledge to set it up & maintain it. It took me ~5 minutes of poking around to create this simple how-to guide.

Make Sure “Communities” is enabled

Click on the right-hand gear icon &go to “Setup.” On the left-hand search bar, search for “Communities.” Click on “Communities Settings” & enable the feature.

You also have to add a domain name — think about your user, are they clients? Customers? Partners? Whatever you choose with be part of the CMS domain. …

Turning on your translation tool is only the first step. Here are 5 Tech Tips for Business Owners looking to cater to users in different languages.

Often website and mobile creators will simply install a translation tool or update the copy themselves with translation apps. It’s time to start giving multilingual websites a fair UX/UI treatment. Here are a few brief tips to remember when perfecting your website’s multilingual experience:

1. Differences in Font Choices

Pictured above is a comparison of the popular call to action Free Consultation (or 免费咨询 in simplified Chinese). You’ll notice there are three distinct differences:

  • Font Family
  • Font Weight
  • Kerning
  • (Optionally: Left-to-Right/Right-to-Left Positioning)

On a 90° day like today, prisoners are not just cooking — they are rotisseries.

“Hot 13” by Michael Porter.

An Op-Ed by an anonymous prisoner at NJSP.

Yes, that title may sound a little humorous. What isn’t humorous though is the heat that prisoners must deal with, like today (June 11th, 2017), in administrative segregation (“ad-seg,” solitary confinement) housing inside New Jersey State Prison.

Picture this — when the sun hits a brick building all day, those bricks heat up significantly. Inside of these bricks is concrete and thin steel, which both heat up as well, creating an oven effect. Now inside of the steel are smaller ovens that have humans inside. And a ninety degree day outside like…

Billimarie Lubiano Robinson

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