Just trying to make the most of this transient experience we call life ✨


  • Hays Stanford

    Hays Stanford

    Helping people learn to build apps with React Native. blog.haysstanford.com/course/

  • Zora O'Neill

    Zora O'Neill

    Author of guidebooks (& a cookbook: @forkyeah), lover of odd transport and taco stands, perpetual student of Arabic, inhabitant of the great borough of Queens.

  • Cathlin Ivana

    Cathlin Ivana


  • theNewerYork Press

    theNewerYork Press

    A wonderful repository for experimental and Alt Lit. -The Guardian.

  • John Powers

    John Powers

    incompetent gardener and paper hat maker

  • Robin S

    Robin S

    WMD: writer, mom, doc, almost never in that order.

  • Jennifer Fiedler

    Jennifer Fiedler

    Contributing editor for Wine Spectator. Recipe developer. Beer book author.

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